About us

Dress socks have gotten remarkably cool. They used to be that mid-length, sometimes over the calf, tight, solid color sock with the golden toe. With time, they've evolved. They've become more colorful. They've allowed people to express themselves. The vibrant dress sock has become a staple piece with the daily wardrobe. The excitement of putting on a stylish dress sock has been game-changing. 

Wearing a dress sock that's flashy and striking has been incredible, but something's been missing. Dress socks have always been notorious for being tissue paper thin and for lacking durability. Somehow your big toe always found its way out of the seam. It was annoying, but there was nothing you could really do. Why no one had done anything to correct these issues completely baffled us. Something needed to change.

Here at Vygir we’re creating that change. With comfort being just as important as style, we've fused the athletic sock with the traditional dress sock. We’re defining the Athletic Dress Sock. Now you can combine style with performance. With Vygir Athletic Dress Socks, you can thrive in any stiff dress shoe or boot. You can crush those long 10 to 12 plus hour days. And, you can even exercise in the same socks you wore to work. They're that versatile. 

Your feet are weirdly important to us and we know you deserve better. Join the movement for more comfortable, more functional dress socks. We truly value our relationship with you as we continue to improve the Athletic Dress Sock together.