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People who wear dress socks often wear them five days a week. Sometimes they even wear them six and maybe even seven times a week if they consider themselves extra fancy.

We’ve found that 99 out of 100 times, the delicateness of dress socks allows for your toes and heels to be exposed, causing blisters and general discomfort. We’ve also found that 99 out of 99 of these people dislike this experience.

At Vygir, we take this problem very seriously and have developed a sock that completely eliminates the fragility and discomfort of a regular dress sock, while providing you an experience of joy and pure satisfaction. We coined our dress sock - The Athletic Dress Sock

Let us tell you about the difference.

When you buy a typical dress sock, they generally give you not one, but two paltry dress socks that keep you feeling unsupported and uncertain about your heel and toe safekeeping.

With Vygir Athletic Dress Socks, we provide you with a completely new user experience. Using your feet, all you have to do is insert them into the socks one at a time. Slide your feet into your dress shoes, golf shoes, casual shoes, or boots. And begin walking.

Upon taking your first step you’ll notice a level of comfort you’ve never felt before. And fun fact, because they’re designed with a performance sock in mind, you can even wear them while participating in athletic affairs, such as golf, running, lifting weights, and even skydiving.

The idea of wearing socks with shoes is nothing new, but with Vygir Athletic Dress Socks, you have the ability to free yourself from fragile dress sock discomfort and anxiety.

We think you’ll like them.