About us

Dress socks have gotten remarkably cool over the past five years. They used to be that mid-length, sometimes over the calf, tight, solid color sock with the golden toe. With time, they grew up and evolved like the rest of us. They got colorful. More exotic patterns emerged. The argyle sock was pushed aside and considered to be boring.

It was cool to see that evolution and be a part of that change. There was something missing though. Dress socks have always been notorious for being tissue paper thin and for lacking durability. Somehow your big toe always found its way out of the seam. It was annoying, but there was nothing you could really do. Why these problems existed and why no one had done anything to correct this completely baffled us. Something needed to change.

Here at Vygir we’re creating that change. We’ve taken our time in creating multiple iterations and revisions to ensure that our socks feel like an athletic sock, but have the look of a dress sock. We’re defining the athletic dress sock. Now you can combine performance with style, so you can exercise in the same socks you wore to work, and your feet can survive those long 10 to 12 plus hour exhausting days.

Your feet are weirdly important to us and we know you deserve better. Join the movement for more comfortable, more versatile dress socks. We truly value our relationship with you as we continue to evolve the athletic dress sock together.